How to Get More Free Cooking Fever Unlimited Gems: Android

Are you searching for how to get unlimited free cooking fever gems on Android? If your answer is yes, then search no further! Why? Because you have come to the right website at the right time. We have just put together a guide that will teach you how to get more gems in cooking fever game. the good news is that the guide is laid down in a simple-to-understand format. You should also know that the guide is only for Android users. In other words, the guide is not for those that are not using Android powered devices.

Free Cooking Fever Gems: is it Worth the Hassles?

cooking fever gemsBefore dive into cooking fever cheats for gems, lets first ascertain if the hassles involved worth is our effort. We don’t want to be involved in task that yields little to no benefits. In other words, we want to be fully compensated for our effort and time.

Please note that the same rule is applicable if your were using our cooking fever hack stratgies.

So, why bother with the hassles associated with how to get unlimited free cooking fever gems? If you have been playing the game for a while, then the answer is immediately obvious. But for the first timers in the game, we will explain in a minute. There are many reasons why you really want to pass through the hassles. For one; the reward is double the hassles.

Aside from the double reward, there are other reasons you would want to get involved in the hassles.

Cooking fever gems are used for different cooking utensils upgrades. Most the upgrades are perform using coins. However, the more advance upgrades require gems. And where you are found lacking in gems, upgrades to a better equipment becomes difficult (if not impossible).

Aside using gems for cooking utensils upgrades, there other uses for gems in cooking fever game. remember in the game, as you grow and expand your dinner, other options become accessible. One of such options is the opportunity to serve cupcakes to your customers.

Serving cupcakes to your customers is way sure way of boosting your scores in hard levels. However, you must always be on the lookout for customers with cupcake demands. Why? Because cupcake demands are swift and don’t usually last long as demand for burgers or hot dogs.

Getting More Cupcakes Requires Cooking Fever Gems

The supplies of cupcake are not unlimited. As you continue serving customers cupcakes, you will eventually run out of stock. When that happens, you will need to restock. And restock, you must perform quickly so that you don’t leave your customers’ order unfulfilled.

Restocking cupcakes requires one gems. Cheap right? Well, don’t be too fast to conclude! When you continuously have to restock cupcakes because of increased customer demand, then one gem per restock may not be that cheap.

Now you know another reason why you would want to go through the hassles. What hassles you asked? The hassles of learning how to get more free gems in cooking fever game. With unlimited resources, you will have less stress refilling your cupcakes when they run out of stock.

How to Get More Free Gems in Cooking Fever

There are different methods and strategies to arrive at same exact result. However, each method comes with their unique advantages and disadvantages. You will have to weigh the Pros and Cons carefully to decide which method would work best for you. In the paragraphs that follow, we examine some of the popular and widely used methods to get cooking fever resources.

The Paid Method

As the name implies, the paid method involves players paying for gems with their real money. Gems can be bought right from the game interface. To order, click on the gems icon on the top menu. The gems amount with prices will be displayed! Choose the number of gems you need and can afford to pay. Next, select the payment method you want to use.

Once the payment is confirmed, the gems will immediately be added to your game profile. You can immediately start using your gems to perform different upgrades.

We understand that the ‘paid method’ of getting cooking fever resources may not be suitable for everybody. Some players may not have the extra funds required to acquire gems. If you fall into such category, there is good news for you! We have other methods that requires no payment. Who knows, you may find yourself the perfect method. So, keep reading.

Free Method

how to get free gems on cooking fever

The free method is a direct opposite of the paid method discussed above! Just as the name implies, no payment is required to take full advantage of the strategy. The ‘free method’ involves you completing easy and simple tasks. Upon completion of a task, players get rewarded with free gems. The number of gems received after task completion is contingent upon the type of task performed.

Some of the task includes;

Task Gems Involved
connecting the game to your Facebook account 1
Invite a friend on Facebook 5
Like Cooking Fever Facebook Page 1
Follow Cooking Fever on Twitter 2

The Consistent Method

cooking fever unlimited gems

The next method you can use to get cooking fever gems freely is by being a consistent player. You get rewarded with coins when you play cooking fever everyday. The first six consistent days with cooking fever get you coins. But on the seventh day, you get to take home free gems. How cool is that? Remember you are not paying for anything.

You simply must be consistent. By being consistent; you have to login and play the game everyday for straight seven days. Not many people are aware that they cab receive free gems by simply playing the game every day. Now you do. Go ahead and take advantage of this cooking fever free gems getting opportunity.

Cooking Fever Birthday Rewards (Bonus Strategy)

how to get free gems on cooking fever

Finally, you can take advantage of the birthdays events of cooking fever to receive some gems. The bad news is birthday celebration don’t happen often. So, it may not be your regular gems getting strategy. Think of the method as a bonus strategy for accumulating even more cooking fever coins.