Horizon Chase World Tour Guide: 1st Position in Every Race

Welcome onboard our Horizon Chase world tour racing game tutorial. A tutorial filled with Horizon Chase tested strategies guaranteed to place on the first position in every race. There is more! The tutorial also promises to guide on the best practices for car upgrades. Sounds like something that you do be interested in? if yes, then sit back, relax and enjoy the guide. Also, we do like to hear your thoughts and opinions regarding the game. So, don’t forget to share your thoughts at the end via the comment box. With that said and out of the way, lets jump right into the business of the day.

About Horizon Chase World Tour

Horizon Chase world tour

Let’s start off by saying that Horizon Chase is an award-winning car racing game. Also, before you proceed any further, you should know that it’s a super addictive mobile game. You may find yourself glued to your phone screen more frequent than before.

Horizon Chase is not a freeware. Rather, it’s a paid game. However, there is a free version included to give a taste of what the full version offers. It is also a way for players to decide if the game is worth your pennies or not. Without blinking an eye lid, the game is worth every single penny. Funny thing is; the game ridiculously cheap and affordable. So, download horizon Chase trial version and take it for a spin. Then, come back for the full version.

The free version offers five tracks with access to two cars. The five tracks and two cars are more than enough for your make your decision if you should go for the full version or not. Trust me, after giving the trial version of spin, you will most definitely want to go for the full version. I know so because literally everybody I have introduced to the game has ended up upgrading to the full version. Your case won’t be an exception.

Horizon Chase Features: Reasons to Go Full Version

So, what feature make horizon chase interesting and at the same super addictive? To find out; stick with us as we take you on a tour through all the amazing features that the Horizon Chase brings to your phone Screen.

Varieties of Cars to Choose From

One of the bit pluses of Horizon Chase lies is the vast cars it offers players of the game. you get to choose face moving and powerful cars with amazing stability and steering. As if the cars were not fast enough on their own, you get an extra 3 Nitro for every race. Activating the Nitro surge your car forward and blaze pass other opponents. How cool is that? I don’t about you, for me, its super cool.

Players are entitled to a new car only on two conditions. Do you want to know what the conditions are? I bet you desperately do. So, here they ae;

First Position in Every Race: simple? Definitely not! For every level you advanced to, you are expected to secure first position. That’s if you want to receive a new fast car. If not, then third position is a good place to be. Once you secure first position in all the races within a level, a new car will be unveiled.

First Position in Bonus Stages: yes, that’s another wonderful and sure way to secure yourself a new car. Wait, there is more! There is a reward for third positions. Every time you are a third runner up in the bonus stage, you get a chance to upgrade your current racing vehicle. There are many upgrades that you can choose from. Steering, fuel efficiency, speed, nitro, Engine, suspension etc. are some of the upgrades readily available.

Upgrading to Horizon Chase Full Version

Surprisingly, you are only a single click away from the full version. Once you have tried the free version and has made up your mind to go full version, here is how to upgrade. First, click on the ‘upgrade’ button. You will be redirected to the payment page. On the payment page, you will see the different payment options available. Choose the one that suits you and proceed to input your payment details. Once done; click the “buy now” button and the purchase process will be automatically initiated. It takes barely few seconds. Once done, you will be redirected to the download page. on the download page, you will be granted access to the full game file. Click the download button to initiate the download process. You should know that Horizon Chase World Tour is a relatively large file. Make sure you are on a fast internet.

Horizon Chase Guide 101: Little Hacks that can make all the differences

In this section, we will take you through some of the practices that if observed, can boost your Horizon Chase high Scores. So, stick with us as we walk you through some of the basic but essential practices.

Pick as Much Coins as Possible: they add up to your overall final score. So, you want to get as much coins as humanly possible. However, you should exercise some level of caution when hunting for coins. Avoid those coins that are dangerously place on sharp contours and corners. Going for them may cause you a critical crash. Critical cash as used here are those crashes that can rob you the chance of taking first position in the race. So, avoid as plaque whenever possible.

Save Fuel by Avoid Car Crashes and Hits

Surprisingly, bumping into other cars and car crashes drops your fuel drastically. Not many people are aware of this fact. You will experience high fuel efficiency when you race with minimum bumps and crashes. One sure way to avoid bumping into other cars is by completely slowing down on sharp corners. Also, slowing down when there is no space for overtaking can save you a couple of crashes and bumping into other cars.

Get as Plenty Fuel as Possible

horizon chase fuel hackAs it will be your lifeline between securing first position or losing out completely. The last thing any racer wants is the annoying empty fuel beeping sound just few distance from the finish line. So, if needed, slow down and pick every pack of fuel on the road as you can. As we stated in the coins paragraph, avoid those ones dangerously placed on sharp corners. They are not worth the trouble.

Go for the Steering Upgrade: as fast as possible. Performing the steering upgrade gives your car insane balance and prevent the car from veering off the road on sharp corners. This is the secret of overtaking your opponents effortlessly. While they are struggling with their steering to maintain balance, you blaze pass them without breaking a sweat.