Five Horizon Chase Hacks for Unbeatable High Scores

Thank you for your interest in our Horizon Chase hacks guaranteed to achieve unbeatable high scores. These hacks for Horizon Chase World Tour Android game are so simple, easy and straightforward to implement. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Horizon Chase game player, we are confident that you will find these hacks super handy and useful in your gaming carrier. So stick with us to the end of this article and you will be glad you did. So, without delaying any further, let’s get started with our five most sort-after Horizon Chase mobile game hacks.

Horizon Chase Hacks: Introduction (Getting the Facts Straight)

Horizon Chase Hacks

Sorry, we lied in the ending sentence of the last paragraph. We still one or a few things to address before going diving into the hacks. So, please bear with us as your time won’t be wasted. First of all, the tweaks that will be discussed are usable both on Android and iOS devices. in fact, they are not device bias. That’s to say that they can be deployed on just about any device be it mobile or desktop devices. So, have not worries regarding if the tweaks to be discussed will work on your kind of device.

Secondly, nothing will be required to be downloaded before you can start using the hacks. Everything will be easily implemented without the need to download any kind of application or software on your mobile devices. We have made it so in order not to discourage folks that are super skeptical when it comes to downloading and installing unknown applications on their mobile gadgets.

With that said and cleared out of the way, let’s now get started with the business of the day. Don’t be doubting, we won’t be wasting any of your precious time again.

Unveiling the Five Horizon Hacks for Unbeatable Game High Scores

Below are the five most guarded hacks for Horizon Chase that experienced players don’t want you to know. It’s your lucky day today. Those tweaks are finally exposed in a manner and format that’s super easy to comprehend.

The Secret lies in Mastering the Racing Track

hacks for horizon chaseA lot of Horizon Chase players usually get carried away in their attempt to overtake opponent cars that they forget to pay attention to the track in which they are racing on. When such happens, they usually find themselves against sharp bend that they either did not anticipate or were not prepared for. Hence, their car gets easily crashed into the pavement creating room for other cars to effortlessly overtake them. We know this because we have witnessed it happen to a lot of our friends. It has even happened to us when we first started out playing Horizon Chase.

We recommend that you utilize the first lap to monitor and master the racing track. If the first lap is not enough to have known the track by heart, then feel free to use the 2nd and even the 3rd lap to further familiarize yourself with every contour and sharp curves on the track. Once that’s achieved, be prepared for an unprecedented gaming experience. You will become ready for what’s coming ahead even its not immediately obvious. You will be prepared for the upcoming sharp bend and will maneuver car accordingly when it eventually comes up without panicking. Also, you can utilize those sharp contours to your advantage and have your car overtaking opponents with ease and swiftness.

Don’t ignore the fuels on the Track

We have seen several Horizon Chase players that were too focused on the race that they forget to pick up as many fuels as possible. Such players always awaken to reality with annoying and constant empty fuel tank beeping sound. In most cases, it happens when there is no near-by fuel to be picked. In such a case, your vehicle automatically slows down and gradually comes to a final stop. What’s even more annoying is your opponents that you had long dusted crawling up and eventually overtake you. You can prevent such mishap from happening by taking advantage of every refuel opportunity that comes your way. However, you should try to avoid every dangerous fueling opportunity whenever possible. By dangerous fueling opportunity, we refer to those refuels placed dangerously at sharp bends and corners. Such refuel opportunity can have you crashing your car in an attempt to take advantage of them. So, best you avoid them and look for the ones that are relatively safe.

Don’t Ignore the Bonus Races

In Horizon Chase, you have the opportunity to pick coins as you race along the road. Unfortunately, the coins collected can’t be used in either upgrading or buying a new car. The only option for performing car upgrades or getting a new car is by taking the first and third position respectively in the bonus race. A third-place earns you the opportunity to perform one out of the three presented upgrade options. Some of the upgrade options available include; fuel, speed, Nitro, Balancing, Engine, Suspension, Steering, etc. You should pick the upgrade option by carefully weighing your present car need.