Horizon Chase Cars: Top Best 3 Vehicles [#3 is Our All-Time Favorite]

Hello Horizon Chase fans, today we are bringing you a juicy Horizon Chase Cars guide. If you have been playing the game for a while, then you know that cars can make all the differences. The type of Cars in Horizon Chase you are driving can make all the difference when you win or lose in a race. In this edition of our Horizon Chase world tour guide, we talk about some of the available for players. So, stay tuned and don’t go anywhere!

Horizon Chase Cars: Say Hello to “Cruiser”

Horizon Chase Cars

The Horizon Chase Cruiser is available right out of the box for players. In other words, it is the default car that comes with the game. Your first few races will be won or lost with the Cruiser. There is nothing fancy about the car. But it has enough power under the hood to help you secure the first spot in your races.

Horizon Chase Cruiser Car Configurations

The following are the configurations that are factory-fitted in the Cruiser;

Top Speed 167 MPH
Acceleration 3.7s to 60 MPH
Handling High
Nitro Medium
Fuel Medium

As you can see, the car has medium configurations. Remember, there are still some upgrades you can perform on the car to push up its performance a nudge. Also, it is the car that comes with the trial version of the game.

Things I Love About the Cruiser

Although the car is nothing very special, there’s still some amazing feature that makes the car desirable. And in this section of our guide, we will be sure to highlight some of the amazing features.

Handlining: it’s perhaps one of my most admired features in the car. If you don’t know, “handling” is the feature that makes your car stick to the road when maneuvering those sharp corners. Without solid handling, your car will veer off the road and crash into the woods when taking sharp contours and corners.

Are you beginning to grasp the crucial role of the ’handling’ in Horizon Chase cars? We are sure that you do. If not, how can you hope to smoothly maneuver those sharp corners without veering off the road? Also, with good handling of a car, you can confidently take on sharp corners while still on top speed.

Acceleration: nothing special but can still get the job of overtaking rivals done. With the Cruiser, it takes approximately 3.7s to accelerate to 60 MPS. Yes, your opponents will be far gone before you achieve any reasonable speed. But then, there is plenty of time in the race to level up and even overtake them. what is the use of a car in a race without high acceleration? If you must have any chance of winning a race, your car acceleration must be a top nudge.

With the Cruiser, you get an acceleration performance that can be matched with your competitors. So, yes, the acceleration potential is yet another cool feature that we love about the Cruiser.

Fuel: the last thing any racer needs is the ‘empty’ or ‘low’ fuel tank irritating beeping. Aside from being irritating and annoying, the sudden beeping can cause distraction resulting in a sudden crash.

Horizon Chase cars come with difficult fuel capacities. The higher the fuel capacity, the better.

At a glance, you will see that the Cruiser comes factory fitted with a medium fuel capacity tank. I don’t know about you, but the medium fuel tank is more than good. In our Five Horizon Chase Hack guide, we talked about the importance of going after feasible refuel opportunities. But with the medium fuel tank capacity, you are guaranteed fuel supply till another refuel opportunity shows up.

In some cases, you could go the entire race without necessarily bothering with refuel opportunities. That way, you can concentrate fully on winning the race.

Horizon Chase Cars: The Right Car for Winning the Race

congratulations for making it this far in our guide. Up next is our second most loved horizon chase cars. We are sure you also love the next car.

Say Hello to the ‘LEGEND’: Built for a Smooth Sturdy Ride

Best Vehicles in Horizon Chase

The name says it all! The Legend is a ‘MUST-HAVE’ car for all serious Horizon Chase game players. The driving experience of the Legend is second to none! Within the first few seconds of cruising the Legend, you will immediately notice the difference.

The Legend Configurations at a Glance

Top Speed 169 MPH
Acceleration 4.1s to 60 MPH
Handling High
Nitro Medium
Fuel Medium

Not easily swerved off the road; the Legend gives you an unprecedented racing experience especially when maneuvering sharp corners. The car sits confidently on the road allowing you to easily and effortlessly maneuver sharp corners.

More interesting is the fact that those sharp corners are easily maneuvered without the fear of the Legend veering off the road. Rounding sharps corners at top speed is the competitive advantage of the Legend. Now, you can swiftly overtake your opponent at high speed in sharp corners.

However, the Legend doesn’t come without its unique flaws. One such flaw is the time it takes to accelerate to 60 MPH (Miles Per Hour). When compared with Cruiser’s benchmark (3.7s) it’s become clear that the Legend is a bit low.

But that’s not a deal-breaker in my opinion. The other amazing features of the Legend still makes it one of the best Horizon Cars.

Accessing the Legend…

Unlike the Cruiser which is available to players when starting the game, the same can’t be said of the Legend. First off, the legend is not included in the Horizon Chase trial version. The first step in the direction of unlocking the Legend is upgrading to Horizon Chase full Version.

Upgrading requires a payment of approximately $3. In my opinion, it’s a fair price. Especially when compared to the values packed into the game.

Upgrading to the full version of the game is the first stage to accessing the Legend. After upgrading successfully, there are still more steps to be completed. The Legend is 12 cars away from the Cruise. That means that you must unlock 12 cars before getting to the Legend.

I will be the first person to agree that unlocking 12 horizon Chase Cars is no easy feat! For one, you must secure the first position in all the levels. Secondly, you must also secure the first position in the bonus race. Anything short of that then you can sure kiss your chance of cruising the Legend goodbye.

Dustdriver: Off-Road Enthusiast

Dustdriver car in horizon chase

Think the Legend is a monster? Wait till you have a glimpse of Dustdriver!

Although we love the legend, unfortunately, the racing experience that comes with Dustdriver is second to none!

At the start of the race, the car literally surges forward with amazing speed. Wait! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a moment to examine the default configurations of Dustdriver.

Top Speed 154 MPH
Acceleration 3s to 60 MPH
Handling Very High
Nitro Low
Fuel Very High

From the table above, the difference is super GLARING! With Dustdriver, securing the first position in every race just got a lot EASIER! There is so much good stuff to rant about Dustdriver. However, we will only just a few that stand out like a sore thumb.

Dustdriver: The Pros

Stay tuned and glued to your device screen as we bring you some of the cool features of Dustdriver. The features contribute to makes Dustdriver one of the most sorts after Horizon Chase Cars of all time.

Very High Handling

We can’t overstress the importance of ‘handling’ in a race. Especially, when securing the first position is mandatory. Dustdriver comes with a super high handling capacity. Of course, it allows taking sharp corners at high speed easy and a breeze.

Dustdriver gives the edge of overtaking your opponents at sharp contours. While they are struggling to slow down to avoid veering off the road, your accelerator pedal is all-the-way floored.

Very High Fuel Capacity

With Dustdriver, struggling for every refuel opportunity is completely reduced! As a matter of fact, you can go the entire Three laps of the race without refueling once. Now, how cool is that? For us here at simimpact.com, it’s super cool.

Dustdriver takes away the hassles associated with every refuel opportunities. Sometimes, your car can veer off the road and smash into a tree while attempting to seize a refueling opportunity. Of course, you know that a single car-crash can rob you of the chance of securing the first position.

But with Dustdriver, you can evaluate each refuel opportunity and decide if it’s safe to take the refuel or not. In short, Dustdriver makes refueling your car a ‘choice’ that can either be taken or ignored.

Acceleration: Instantly go from Zero to 60 MPH in 3 seconds.

Cruising Dustdriver comes with several lessons and experiences. One such lesson if not accelerating immediately the race starts. Doing so will result in instantly bumping into other cars. If you read our other latest horizon chase cheats post, then you know the dangers associated with bumping into other cars.

Once the race start, you want to give 1-2 seconds for the other cars to take off. don’t worry if they are ahead of you. Remember with Dustdriver, it only takes three.


Thanks for staying to the end of our Horizon Chase cars world tour reviews. We hope that you have picked one or two tips to help improve your racing experience. Are there any Horizon Chase Cars that you fancy but we did not cover in our article? feel free to let us know in the comment section.