Cooking Fever Online Game: The 101 Definitive Guide

If you love cooking and working in a dinner, then cooking fever online game is game for you. Don’t get me wrong! That’s not to imply that cooking fever is only for the chefs and dinner owners only. The game is also suitable for anybody that loves playing interesting, challenging and educative mobile games. Cooking fever promises a lot of fun, adventures and challenges. Stay with us to the end as we walk you through the various features that the cooking fever game brings to your screen.

About Cooking Fever Online Game

online cooking fever gameCooking fever prepares ahead for the challenges and detours associated with running a successful dinner. It features the day-to-day challenges that every dinner owner must face. But some cooking fever hacks, the challenges can be well-managed.

Cooking fever is a freeware. That means you can download, install and enjoy playing the game without any charges on your credit card or paypal account. However, take note that you may incure extra charges associated with upgrades. More on this later.

Out of the Box…

When first starting the game, players are given one sets of different cooking utensils. It is with those utensils that you must start and grow the dinner. Amongst the utensils given are; coffer dispenser, hot dog and burger grills.

Meeting your customers’ need is relatively easy when starting the game newly. Sooner that expected, the demands becomes difficult to fulfil in record time. Why? Because of new customers. You will need to upgrade some of your major cooking utensils to meet demands. Coins and gems come in pretty handy when planning for an upgrade.

However, you should be careful of what you upgrade at the initial stage. Why? Because, somethings you can actually get by without. But then, there are other things that you can’t do without. It those important ones that you should be more concerned with initially. Other less important ones cn comes later.

Features of Cooking Fever Online Game

cooking fever online game

HD Real live Graphics:

One of the highlights of cooking fever is the graphics. The graphics are so real that it makes playing the game feels so real. Starting from the customers, to the cooking utensils & even the irritating sound customers make when being delayed. Everything is so real and contributes to a superior and fun-filled gaming experience.

Diverse Cooking Utensils

Because cooking is more fun with the right utensils, players are awarded the opportunity of upgrading their cooking utensils. Starting from the grills, coffee maker to the cooker, there are options to upgrade to a more advanced model. All geared towards helping yu to serve your customers more efficiently and effectively.

Cooking Fever Supported Platforms

Not all platforms is supported by cooking fever. That means that not every device can successfully run the game flawlessly without bugs. As at the time of publication; two platforms are certified to power and run the game. Android and iOS are the two operating System that can power the game.

Getting Started with Cooking Fever: The Definitive Guide

In this section, we will walk you through a step-by-step procedure on how to play cooking fever.

You should always ensure that customers get their orders fulfilled before walking out of the dinner. Avoid waiting for all their orders to be ready be serving. Doing so may cause you one or two customers. For example; a customer may demand for fries and coffee. Of course the fries will take longer time to prepare than the coffee. Don’t make the mistake of waiting till both the fries and coffee are ready before serving. If you do that; your chances of losing that customer will be high. Instead, server the one that’s ready first and the customer will be more likely wait longer. In this case, you would serve him/her the coffee first since that’s obviously what will be ready first.