Three Cooking Fever Hacks Rarely Shared [#3 is Super Rare]

You are obviously perusing this page because of your interest in cooking fever hacks. Well, you have come to the right website at the right time. You are about to gain access to proven hacks for cooking fever mobile game. The application of the hacks will have you serving your customers more effectively and efficiently. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Cooking Fever Hacks Core Requisites

cooking fever hacks

To successfully use the hacks contained on this page, there are certain things that must be in place. The paragraphs that follows will introduce to those basic but essential requisites.

The Right Mindset

Without the right mindset, you won’t progress far in the game. That means that you not all mindsets are suitable for playing cooking fever game. Some mindsets will only result in frustration and confusion. However, there are some mindset that will improve alertness and coordination of task. Your task is to find the right mindset and stick with it.

Mobile Device

You obviously have a mobile device else you would not be currently perusing our guide. While we are still on the issue of phone, let’s quickly drive a few essential points home. You must be using a phone with a minimum RAM size of 2GB. That’s to ensure that you have smooth gaming experience. Anything less than 2 GB RAM will only result lagging and freezing of cooking fever game. So, sticking with 2 GB and above RAM size will save a lot of freezing and lagging problems.

Fast Internet Service

If you have been playing the game for a while, then you understand the importance of internet to the game. You practically won’t gain access to the game without an active internet connection. A lot of people may consider that as a deal-breaker, but for us, it certainly is not! Amongst other reasons, the data consumption rate is very minimal. So, you obviously won’t find the cooking fever hacks shared useful without an active internet connection on your devices.

Cooking Fever Hacks: Getting Started

Finally, you have made to the good stuff! Congratulations!! In this section of our cooking fever guide, we dive deep into the main hacks you should be using. That’s if you not only want to satisfy your customers but also delight them.

Practice First-Come, First-Served Philosophy

The first-come, first-served is an old philosophy that gets result every time. By observing the principle, it means that customers that arrived first should get served first. In practice, you can’t put the interest of the last arriving customers first and above that of those that arrived earlier. When that happens, customer will feel betrayed and neglected. Of course, neglected customers are unsatisfied customers.

When customers are unsatisfied, they leave your dinner and never patronize you again. Wait! It doesn’t stop there. They spread negative testimonies about your dinner and soon other customers will stop coming. The bad testimonies and word-of-mouth about your dinner prevent potential new customers from patronizing you. Protect your dinner against negative word-of0mouth by ensuring that customers are served in the order they arrived at your dinner.

Prepare Surplus Food in Advance

Avoid waiting till the arrival of customers before food is prepared. You only succeed in causing customers to leave unsatisfied. Remember that must of them may not have the time to wait. Even if they some, some may not be that patient and are likely to leave with the slightest delay in delivery. To guide against such negative experiences, ensure that food is prepared in advance.

That way, you will have a better chance of achieving fast delivering. Invariably, you customers will leave your dinner happily and will also spread good words about your business. Without being told, your business growth will increase thanks to the new customers originating from positive testimonies.

Upgrade to Four Food Warmers

hacks for cooking feverIn the previous paragraph, you learned about preparing food in advance cooking fever hacks. One challenges against preparing food in advance is wastage. You need to ensure that the surplus food being prepared is not wasted. When food is wasted; customer won’t be served in a timely manner. Also, you will loss points. All these can solve by ensuring that there are storage facilities in place for the food to be preserved.

Food warmer makes a good food preservative and storage facility. It helps to keep the food not only in good condition but also keeps it warm. That way, you wont have to waste time re-warming the food before serving it to a customer. You simply take it from the food warmer, add it to the burger or hot dog. Then, serve it to the customer.

More Coffee Dispenser is Better

When you first start playing cooking fever, your dinner is entitled to just one coffee dispenser. You will have to work hard to ensure that the one coffee dispenser meet all your customers’ coffee demands. It won’t take long before you know that one coffee maker is not enough. You will know its time to upgrade when your customers walking out of your dinner with their coffee orders not fulfilled.

Don’t store the money! Take it out and invest into better and fast coffee dispensing machine. In no time, you will make your money back with interest. But you will be happier when you see your customer leaving with big smiles in the face. Big smiles that can only come from having their coffee orders fulfilled in record-breaking time.

Protect Your Hard-Earned Money

You deserve every penny coming your way. You worked for it hence you deserve it. So always remember to pick them up from the table. You should know that every time you get food burnt you lose some money. You will be surprised at how many people are not aware of that fact. Get cooked food off the grill onto the food warmer. That way, your food will stay preserved and save from getting burnt. More importantly, your money will keep increasing rather than decreasing.


Congratulations once again for making it to the end of our cooking fever game guide. We believe that you have learned few tips and tricks from the guide. Take your game to the next level by implementing our published cooking fever hacks.